~ Interview mit Jasun Tipton ~

Einen fantastisch leichtfüßigen als auch heavy-zwirbelnden Prog Metal offerieren A DYING PLANET auf ihrem neuesten Studioalbum. Daher führten wir mit Jasun Tipton ein gemütliches Gespräch, das im englischen Originalwortlaut nachgelesen werden kann:

Hello, Jasun, first of all, congratulations on the new album ´Where The Skies Are Gray´, which has devoured three years since its predecessor. But before we get to A DYING PLANET. What is the status at the camp of ZERO HOUR at the moment?

I’m very pleased to report the new material for the upcoming release is all mixed and mastered. The end result is amazing and we can’t wait for everyone to hear it. Announcements are coming soon for an 2022 release.

And what is your brother Troy doing right now?

My brother is enjoying his family. Him and his wife have a little boy and girl who are amazing. Troy is in a really good place right now. He no longer does music due to his injuries as he hasn’t played bass for over 6 years now. Troy is my biggest supporter.

Did it take you three years to write songs?

It’s somewhat a blur because the music came together quickly for ´When The Skies Are Grey´. The lyrics took me awhile as I jumped into those after writing, arranging and tracking the guitars and keys. I took breaks here and there as usually I just write the music. It didn’t take three years, but it took sometime to get everything together.  I’m trying to recall the process, but my brain is resisting at the moment.



How quickly did the line-up for the record come together, after all there is only one singer – this time – and not several !?

I believe the writing, arranging and tracking for the guitars, keys and clicks took two months or less. I gave the material to Marco I think he started tracking the drums 3 or 4 months later. I brought Brian in and Brian was quick with tracking the bass. Paul was in the middle of school and couldn’t track right away. He found time and did an amazing job. Everyone brought it as we’re very pleased with all the songs.

Were the band members also able to contribute to the songwriting?

The material was all arranged and formatted before they got it. So they added their touch to the arrangements.

The songs live from atmospheric parts, but always in metallic style, which then also explode and are played out heavy instrumentally. Does this way of playing also correspond to your state of mind?

I would have to say yes to that. I don’t get on the guitar trying to figure out a song. I could be driving, taking a walk, working out and the sounds just fill me head. Now I’m able to replicate what I hear in my head oppose to searching for something while playing the instrument.

How did you experience and survive the last few weeks and months?

Music definitely saved me during this pandemic time. I wrote the A DYING PLANET material, ZERO HOUR and my solo instrumental release ´The dream To Fly´. Not to mention I’ve written material for two other full length releases.



Do you still listen to metal in your private life, and if so, has your taste changed over the years, and which bands do you enjoy listening to most nowadays. Do you have favorites?

I listen to Metal every morning to wake my body up. The coffee helps too! I always revisit artist and songs I love. This morning I listened to TIMES OF GRACE, IRON MAIDEN and Gary Moore. It changes all the time as you look at your play list day to day and each gives you that jolt when you see a band name or artist that’s triggering your mood at that moment.

Do you have favorites on your own album?

There’s many I love and at the moment I’m enjoying listening back to A DYING PLANETs ´When The Skies Are Grey´ and the new ZERO HOUR material. ´The Towers Of Avarice´ will always have a special place in my heart as that release stapled our sound.

Are there any plans to perform them live?

Absolutely! Once this pandemic comes to end, the band will come together and get the sounds out live.