Sieben Sensationell Sensible Fragen an Marky Ramone

One two three four…seven!

Let´s go.

Marky, for the younger generation of kids, please introduce yourself to my readers first of all.

Hello, my names is Marky Ramone. I am a drummer.


What was the most exciting things happened back then when you toured with RAMONES?

It was always exciting play a show.


Please describe all of the RAMONE`S band members with within a short sentence?

DeeDee fun loving, worldwide hurricane.
Joey quiet and introverted, sweet person.
A regular guy, not the stereotypical rockstar.


Was it easy to live with the ticks Joey had?

I got used to them. For instance if you were supposed to meet him at 2 o’clock, you knew he would be ready by 5.
And, you realized he couldn’t help doing what he did. It was a compulsion that he had no control over.



Please give a short introduction on your autobiography!

A story of a guy from Brooklyn who was wanted to become a professional musician. And against all odds succeeded !!!


So what is Marky Ramone doing anno 2015?

Right now I am doing a world tour celebrating my 40 years playing Punk.


What are your musical plans for the future?

To keep playing!