Two new Arkeyn Steel Records-Releases

The melodic/lyrical US METALers MIND’S EYE from Orlando, Florida deal with Arkeyn Steel Records!
Two super rare tapes “The Witching Hour“ (Demo 1991) and “Darkly Wise” (LP-Tape 1992) for the very first time originally on CD, featuring incredible remastering sound, original fantasy “Darkly Wise” cover, unpublished vintage photos, detailed band story and lyrics!
This is the time to discover these 16 well-hidden gems of melodic/lyrical US METAL!



MIND’S EYE (FL/USA) – Darkly Wise CD

Limited Edition 500 Handnumbered CDs

ONLY FIRST 30 COPIES WILL ARRIVED WITH PRO-PRINT PROMO PICTURE (For orders ONLY through online shop of Arkeyn Steel)

Release Date: Mai 28th, 2018







In 1989, four high school friends from Orlando, FL came together to form a band, based on their mutual love of melodic metal acts such as Iron Maiden, Queensrÿche & Fates Warning. After years of Friday night practices in the living room of guitarist Chuck McMenamin parents, the band had a cache of original songs ready to go. With lyrics penned by guitarist Dave Borkman and drummer Bryan Shultz, blazing riffs from Bryan, Dave and Chuck and pounding bass laid down by Chris Bongiovanni, they set out looking for a vocalist by placing an ad in Orlando’s JAM magazine. The call was answered by Sterling Walker, and they moved out of the living room and into a warehouse to begin perfecting their sound with their new vocalist.

1991 Mind’s Eye were released 500 copies of “The Witching Hour“ Demo tape and when the first run sold out quickly enough that another 500 cassettes had been placed by year’s end.
In early 1992, the band entered Signature Sound Studios in Orlando, FL, to record “Darkly Wise”, their first full length album, containing 11 songs. 500 cassette tapes, along with t-shirts and hats were released on October 31st, 1992 to promote the album.

Arkeyn Steel Records came in contact with Chuck McMenamin (Guitarist of the band) and finally release for the very first time on CD both tapes!
“Darkly Wise” CD includes “Darkly Wise” (LP-Tape 1992) and “The Witching Hour” (Demo 1991), 16 tracks in total, over 75’ minutes of melodic US metal!
All songs have been remastered by Kostas Scandalis (Wardrum, Horizons End) at Infinity Studios and will be presented on a great deluxe jewel CD package, with a fat 16-page UV glossy booklet, featuring original fantasy “Darkly Wise” cover, unpublished vintage photos, detailed band story and lyrics!

Don’t miss this melodic/lyrical US METAL experience! MUST for all worshipers of QUEENSRYCHE, LETHAL, CRIMSON GLORY, FIFTH ANGEL, HEIR APPARENT, and LEATHERWOLF! See with the MIND’S EYE… and melodic US METAL is coming!

1. Arrival
2. October Queen
3. Within the Mind’s Eye
4. Storm Rising
5. Endless Rain
6. So Long (My Love)
7. Kill Aphrodite
8. What I Can’t See
9. Fallen Trees
10. Master of the Game
11. Darkly Wise
12. Shadowplay/Unveiled
13. Curtains Will Fall
14. The Witching Hour
15. Deus Ex Machina
16. The Intruder
1-11: Darkly Wise (LP-Tape 1992)
12-16: The Witching Hour (Demo 1991)







BanDemoniC -Against All Odds CD

Release Date: Mai 28th, 2018






It is ‘Zero:Hour’ for “Against All Odds”, BanDemoniC’s 2nd album.
”Steel Gallery Records” announces the release of “Against All Odds” on the 28th of May 2018.
“A.A.O.” includes 10 pure heavy metal songs with strong riffing and powerful vocal melodies.
An excellent suggestion for fans of (US) Heavy/Power Metal!
The recording of the album took place at Noisyland Recordings, Ioannina & Valve Studio, Thessaloniki.
Mixing & Mastering is done by Stratos “Strutter” Karagiannidis (Gus G., Wardrum, W.A.N.T.E.D.) at Valve Studio, Thessaloniki.
Dimitar Nikolov is responsible for the Cover artwork, once again.

01 Against All Odds
02 Zero:Hour
03 Saints & Sinners
04 Of Lies And Shadows
05 Ocean Of Tears
06 Wings Of The Night
07 Infernal Contract
08 Reality Of The Naive
09 Unbent, Unbowed, Unbroken
10 Far Away
12 Sail To Heaven (Originally on ‘Chains’ EP)
11 Bullet [Live]

George Manthos – Vocals
Erik Karamanis – Guitars
C.A. Chairopoulos – Guitars
Panagiotis Bletsos – Bass
Adrian Kyprianos – Drums

Produced by BanDemoniC
Mixed and Mastered: Strutter @ Valve Studio
Cover: Dimitar Nikolov
Booklet Layout: C.A. Chairopoulos
Band Photos: Themis Giannopoulos (Of Steel & Light Photography)

Chains EP (Self-Released, 2012)
Fires Of Redemption (Steel Gallery Records, 2014)
Against All Odds (Steel Gallery Records, 2018