Interview mit Carey Howe und Wade Black

Some weeks ago we saw a great LEATHERWOLF gig at ´Keep It True´ – with the original band members Dean Roberts (Drums) and Michael Olivieri (Vocals), but in the last days the original Guitar-Players Carey Howe and Geoff Gayer announced a new LEATHERWOLF album with Wade Black on Vocals.

They told that they both are the writers of 100% of all the LEATHERWOLF music and about 90% of all the lyrics. No studio albums have ever been done without the writing of these two. They call the other lineup the “touring lineup” which hasn’t written any material in the years, but they have been playing Carey’s and Geoff’s songs. Carey and Geoff are also not able to join the current “touring lineup” as drummer Dean Roberts would not allow it – for whatever reasons.

One day later LEATHERWOLF with Dean Roberts and Michael Olivieri stated that whatever Carey, Geoff and Wade are working on – it will not be released under the name LEATHERWOLF. The legal rights to the name LEATHERWOLF would belong to the line-up featuring original band members Dean Roberts and Michael Olivieri that recently performed on the ´Monsters Of Rock´-Cruise and ´Keep It True´-Festival in Germany.

Hier unser Interview mit Carey Howe und Wade Black im englischen Originalton:

Hello Carey, what’s up?

Carey: Hi Michael, we are doing great – busy writing new material.

I saw LEATHERWOLF some weeks ago in Germany at the KEEP IT TRUE Festival – an outstanding gig! You recently announced Wade Black as your new singer. Why can´t you continue with Michael Oliveri – what happened?

Carey: We can continue with Mike, however Dean (Roberts, Anm. d. Verf.) is the one who has a problem with Geoff (Gayer, Anm. d. Verf.), so this created an issue for me as I was playing with both the new guitar players before and it just didn’t fell right to me, so I told Dean and Mike I feel like Judas playing Geoff and my material and turning our backs on my closest friend in this world. This created problems, also the fact that Dean was calling all the shots and he had never written one LEATHERWOLF song. I wouldn’t mind playing with the other guitarists, if they actually wrote some new material but they don’t, the current lineup just wants to play 2-3 festivals a year, playing songs we wrote 30 years ago … it’s like a tribute band.

Do you have any contact with Michael?

Carey: Yes, I spoke with him a few weeks ago and Geoff and I did an unplugged show with Mike in Chicago a few months back – and we had great chemistry during the rehearsals with Geoff, Mike and myself, playing together without anyone else, we all talked about the magic we feel when we are writing together … it was a lot of fun.

You two haven’t toured recently and were not featured on the ´Live Unchained´ Album. Did you quit the band in these days?

Carey: I played on the ´Unchained´ album which was supposed to be a live album, but Dean made the discussion to do it as a studio album. I agreed as he promised that if I did it he would play all the new songs I have and release a new studio album … that never happened as I brokered a deal to bring Geoff back for a new record and Dean wanted no part in that which ultimately led to my departure. The fact is LEATHERWOLFs current lineup doesn’t write songs and never have without Geoff or myself bringing the songs to the table … that is fact.

Is Dean Roberts the „puppet master“ behind the Touring-Lineup?

Carey: Yes, it appears he wants to tour playing old material until his grave.

You call the other Band the „LEATHERWOLF touring lineup“. Is this a fact or do you think they want to make an album in the future too?

Carey: I’m sure they want to, I can’t speak for the wants of others, but I have played with both new guys and I can tell you I don’t see either of them writing „LEATEHRWOLF“ material … after all that sound is Geoff, Mike and myself … usually starting with a completed song with lyrics and melodies from either Geoff or myself.

What can you say to the assertion of the other LEATHERWOLF band – „He may have succeeded in hijacking the original LEATHERWOLF-Facebook-Page and YouTube-Channel, but he will not succeed in hijacking the name LEATHERWOLF as well.“?

Carey: Well, anyone with any internet experience knows it’s impossible to hijack a YouTube-account or a Facebook-account unless you are the owner or the person who started it, I would say the hijacking occurs every time they appear on stage playing LEATHERWOLF songs … maybe not Mike, but definitely the others.

And actually the name LEATHERWOLF is originally my neighbor Rob Bakers bands creation and LEATHERWOLF used it without his permission after he made fun of our then name „ANVIL ASSAULT“, it was hijacked from the inception. I spoke with Rob after many years and he actually copywrote the name years ago … so this is good comedy to me! Ask Mike who came up with the name?

The problem could be, that it doesn´t matter who came up with the name, but who legally owns it.

Wade, how long can you call yourself a member of LEATHERWOLF?

Wade: Well, I’m the last LEATHERWOLF singer to write a studio album in 20 years or more, Michael re-recorded my lines.

You are also a member of WAR OF THRONES. Is LEATHERWOLF only another project for you, or is it your main band – at this moment?

Wade: First if all, I don’t know if Carey, Geoff and I are set on using the name LEATHERWOLF just yet, but these guys are the real deal and there is great chemistry and a sense of common goals. The ´World Asylum´-Record was written by Geoff and I – and we have a great working relationship. Carey and Geoff bring that axemanship that is very hard to find, they work seamlessly together it’s like Ying and Yang they are opposites that work fantastically combined.

Carey, you are writing new material for a studio-album. How many songs are finished and when do you want to hit the studio?

Carey: Just today we completed writing and arranging probably the 5th of 6th song with 6-7 rough ideas going on at the same time.

Can you add something in the current songwriting process, Wade?

Wade: Absolutely yes, the proof is in the work.

What a style can we expect? Good old times or more modern?

Carey: It’s going to sound like Geoff and I always have with probably some new growth and influences, and Wade adds a lot to the process as well as Dan our drummer.

Do want to tour after the release?

Carey: That goes without saying … absolutely yes.

Is it possible to join the other version of LEATHERWOLF on tour?

Carey: I don’t see us seeing eye to eye in the future with any project with Dean.

What aims do you have with the band?

Wade: Right now just completing a great metal record.

Carey: Releasing the album is the main focus for now, getting a fitting producer; engineer is top of the order.

While this regroup with Wade Black looks at the time as a pure affront for the actual touring band; a veritable sabotage of the name of LEATHERWOLF, they say … can you say some words …

Carey: We do not want to smear anyone or any other member’s dreams, but there comes a time to move on and put out Metal records, we wish the best for Michael and Dean and encourage their success. I think Mike Olivieri’s solo work is what he enjoys most of all and that is truly his style of writing, I believe he should follow his heart in this direction. The Metal Gods are calling and they require we deliver the goods … our offering will be on the altar soon.

Thank you!