Als eines der absoluten Highlights im Prog-Metal wird am Ende des Jahres das Album der Griechen SACRAL RAGE ´Illusions In Infinite Void´ genannt werden. Glücklicherweise beehren sie uns auf dem diesjährigen ´Keep It True´-Festival, doch da bis dahin noch ein paar Wochen ins Land ziehen werden, musste schon vorab ein Interview mit Frontsirene Dimitris K. her. Hier der Original-Wortlaut:

Dimitris, let’s start at the very beginning. Since when does SACRAL RAGE exist and how did you guys meet?

SACRAL RAGE were born in December of 2011. The story begins when our drummer and singer were having fun at a known metal underground bar here in Athens. It was there when the first idea for this band took its form.

Did you know each other before?

We all knew each other years before the formation. Also, many of us had played in past projects with each other so there was some kind of a chemistry between us.

What are your main influences?

Tasty and lethal METAL, haha. If you want a list of Bands here are some:


Your style has changed significantly from the first ep to the album – is it only a matter of technical abilities?

Both technical abilities and time. Time has played a significant role for the outcome of ‘Illusions…´. When we were recording ´Deadly Bits Of Iron Fragments´ we were playing together for 4 or 5 months. Actually we composed our EP in a 3 month period where we had to rehearse, compose and learn the weak and strong points of each other. So you can imagine how much time was given to the songs. I don’t imply that these are bad songs, but you can spot the differences between our new stuff where we had the time we wanted and needed.

Your music is far away from the metal-mainstream. Did you never think about making something more “commercial”?

We won‘t change our style and personality just to adapt to a more wide circle of audience. We will remain to the broader path we already have chosen to follow. Now if for example a catchy chorus arises while retains that dark character we have, I guess it won’t be a problem. Commercialism is not an end in itself.

How old are you?

We have an average of 27 years old.

Oh, so you didn’t listen to WATCHTOWER and HELSTAR when the masterpieces were released…

Sadly no, cause it would be great to be part (as fans) of this this scene when it was born.

So how did you get in contact with this style of metal?

It didn’t happen on purpose. Our influences lead us to the final result and sound of SACRAL RAGE. We all knew we had the same passions for certain bands but never really talked about it. It all came naturally. I don’t see it as a certain style of metal though cause we try to mix up many other things. Maybe it is for the vocals that makes people attach us with this era.

Are there more bands in Greece who play this kind of metal?

Hmm.., I don’t think so. We have many great bands that play technical stuff but not this way. We do have some lost but not forgotten bands that sadly broke up and used to serve this style of steel. Check out for DECEPTOR!!!

Yes, great stuff, Dimitris! Did you ever think about joining WATCHTOWER to finish ´Mathematics´? You would be the right guy!

Haha, since Alan Tecchio and Jason McMaster are still around doing their things like the years never touched them, there is no reason for a third man to be involved. Although it would be more than honoring to cooperate in any way with the real Texan chainsaw massacre machines.

How important are the lyrics for SACRAL RAGE?

The lyrical part is fundamental to SACRAL RAGE’s identity, because this is a very good way to put the audience in the mood of our band, together with the instrumental parts of course. But words combined with Dimitri’s voice can be aimed straight at people’s feelings. Moreover, we think that both lyrical and instrumental parts of our music are in admirable harmony and unity which might consist of opposite tendencies. The roar of these opposite and agreeing elements haunt the heart of our harmony and bring to the surface the SACRAL RAGE spirit.

What inspired you in writing the lyrics for the new album?

We get our ideas from any paranormal or mystical thing that might draw our attention or for example the fall of a meteorite. Moreover, we like creating our stories having to do with ancient rituals, invocations to ancient gods and curses etc… In the meantime, we also like to have the audience read between the lines and reflect, not just read the lyrics and listen to the music. We want you to acquire your own judgments on our music!

How often do you rehearse?

It depends, when we don’t have a show or recordings we rehearse once a week. In other cases we are doing 2 per week.

Do you have jobs or are you studying?

The ¾ of us are working while the other one is studying.

How has the economical/financial crisis in Greece influenced your life?

That depends. Many of us stood lucky so far because our ancestors always used to deposit money and pay serious attention to the future, thus, we find ourselves relatively comfortable. The psychological part is the most difficult because you want to contribute in some way but it’s difficult due to high rates of unemployment. Of course nobody knows what lies tomorrow but at least, we try to face the forthcoming days with sanguineness.

Who is responsible for the disaster?

This is so controversial issue that requires endless days of talk. In brief, I think that all members of European Union are more or less responsible for this decay. No country can consider themselves blameless but at least we are of the opinion that what really matters from now and on is to walk in unity and friendship having mutual respect for each other’s beliefs and of course help each other. From our part, we can definitely say that we are ready to do our utmost to get ourselves out of this harsh reality and make our lives in general much better.

What do you think about your new government?

Too soon to tell, but at least they have made taken some drastic actions to unbind all of us from this shithole. We can’t stake our lives on it but we are really optimistic about our country’s future because these guys are seemed to be very determined to succeed and bring prosperity in our fields. Of course everyone is judged by his actions, so the first month of the government was a delight.

Do you have ideas how the problems should be fought?

One solution could be to forget about euro and return to our own currencies but this may be a reckless scenario. On the other hand I am not the right guy to analyze the economic plans and make the winery solution. Truth be told, everyone has to pay for his actions. The only we can do personally is to help our country at any cost and pray for the best.

Then, what are your feelings about Germany – in general?

We are not here to discuss on economic terms, this is not our job and priority. Some of us have already visited Germany obtaining so many useful things having gained great experiences. Germany is a large country with so many natural beauties consisted of amazing landscapes and picturesque villages and castles! As to your everyday routines, we have heard so much about your discipline and how to manage to get away with such issues. Definitely we wish our authorities were stricter in some situations such as taxes issues or taking care of the natural surroundings.

… and regarding the metal-scene?

What can we say about your scene that hasn’t been said? You have one of the most respectful scenes worldwide. From where to start and where to finish? From Thrash Metal? Heavy? Power Metal? Prog?

You’re coming to Germany in April for the ‚Keep It True‘-Festival – what are your expectations?

Meeting many people, receiving the notorious KIT vibe and make you part of our high pitched tech madness. From high scream attack, psycho bass drum pounds, lethal squeezes and everything in between.

Sounds very promising! Do you come back as fans in 2016 for the ‚Awaken the Guardian‘-Show – performed by the original-Fates Warning-Lineup?


Any last words?

Thanks for this interview, we really looking forward to meet all of you at KIT and make our lethal attack. Support METAL not trends. Cheers!!

Yamas, Dimitrios! See you soon!


Von: Haifl / Krammer