1995. Four years since the solo album ‘Thirteen Masks’Jarboe who is at the same time working in SWANS, created the album ‘Sacrificial Cake’, recorded in New York’s East Village at the analog home-studio of multi-instrumentalist Lary
SWANS founder, Michael Gira simultaneously releases his album, ‘Drainland’.

In the 16 songs on ‘Sacrificial Cake’, even more sides of Jarboe’s creativity are revealed. A mysterious and magical atmosphere surrounds the entire album of fantasy tales in spooky sounds such as ‘The Body Lover’ and ‘Troll’ and at times with dark tribal rhythms as in ‘Ode To V’.

The mystagogy begins with the ‘Lavender Girl’ of smoke and desire followed by the undulating ‘Ode to V’. The journey through Jarboe’s dreams and nightmares has begun.

Troll Lullaby’ (a terrifying childhood vision), ‘My Buried Child’ (a live recording accompanied by Michael Gira on acoustic guitar), ‘Surgical Saviour’ (perversity in an industrial style ), ‘Deflowered’ (a deliberately ironic rock song spoofing the music industry). ‘Troll’ the ending track extends an invitation to experience it in low light or with headphones while next to a camp fire in the woods.

“Sacrificial Cake’ is alive”. – announces The Circle Music adding: “We are proud to release this legendary album for the first time on vinyl – on its own – and with new mastering, new lay out, luxurious packaging and of course in the color of lavender dedicated to the “Lavender Girl”.

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Commenting on the upcoming release, Jarboe stresses: „Sacrificial Cake“ is one of my most popular albums. The song, „Lavender Girl“ on this album, is the song fans tell me is one of their favorite songs, ever. As this album was never available on its own, I am thrilled for The Circle Music to have it be available and especially on lavender vinyl in homage to the beloved song”.

Sacrificial Cake reissue is out now via The Circle Music. Order the record here.