Interview mit Bruno Masulli

Bruno Masulli ist ein schwer beschäftigter Musiker, der neben IN AEVUM AGERE, ANNIHILATIONMANCER und POWER BEYOND zuletzt ein neues Projekt mit historischem Textbezug veröffentlichen konnte, an dem er aber schon recht lange gearbeitet hat: I MITI ETERNI.

Zwischen all den reichlichen Studioterminen haben wir es geschafft, Bruno für ein kleines Interview bezüglich des neuesten Werks gewinnen zu können. Here we go …

Greetings Bruno, you seem to be a very busy guy. Which is the project, that you are working on at the moment?

Hi Michael, right now I’m recording the new ep of ANNIHILATIONMANCER. Besides that I’m planning a new album of IN AEVUM AGERE and more.

When can we expect a release?

About ANNIHILATIONMANCER I’ll propose the master CD to the label as soon as possible and I hope to release the new CD in the first half of 2015, about IN AEVUM AGERE I’ll see the response of ´Limbus Animae´ then we’ll see.

The last full album work was the first release of I MITI ETERNI. How long did it last to create it – from the first ideas to the mixing?

I MITI ETERNI is really a long story. It all begun around 2004. I had the idea to create an epic metal project with lyrics sung only in italian and in verse and inspired by the homeric poems, as Iliad and other ancient poems, the project was called “Gesta e venture narrate of feats and fortunes” (more or less). Later I composed an entire concept album for another metal band about Magna Grecia including Historia Cumae but both projects did not go well because the work appeared more difficult than expected, and I could not find really interested people to work with. Although I continued to write new material, I had to close the projects. Many years later, finally I decided to record an album alone once and for all and I changed the name to the project – it has been a long time.

What gave you the inspiration for this project?

Classical literature, I love the mythology and I thought it was time to talk about it in more details and more faithful adaptation.

Why do you sing in different languages?

It all happened spontaneously, in a very natural way, and I continued from the point I had interrupted with the project “Gesta e venture narrate”, including latin and even ancient greek language too. And then i think use different linguages has also a cultural meaning.

I MITI ETERNI is a one-man-thing – was it too difficult for you to integrate other musicians?

Yes so difficult, and actually it is even more difficult.

How hard was it to get a record deal for this special album?

So hard, but fortunately I get a deal with the italian label. Jolly Roger Records was enthusiastic about ´Historia Cumae´.

Will there be more I MITI ETERNI-albums?

Yes, lot of material is ready, demo versions of entire albums are preserved.

How do you decide which song fits best for which band?

Good question! You know, as if I had my personal code. I understand immediately if a new song or an album I’m working on may be fine for that band or one-man band. If not, if it’s worth it, I create another project from scratch.

How would you describe the scene in Italy and in your own hometown compared to germany or other countries you’ve been?

No comparison with Italy! In Germany or in other countries such as Greece, Austria, Malta, etc … there is a great underground scene! Another mentality! Other worlds! In Italy there are so many good bands, but there are not many places where to play. The situation is fragmetary and rarely the context is really professional.

How many albums have to be published, until the time’s right for you to go on stage?

Well, I MITI ETERNI will go on stage when I find other musicians and there are good opportunities of course.

With whom do you share your song-ideas?

It depends. Most of the time I work alone, for many years now. Especially if the project is a one-man band…

Are there other music-styles you’d like to play?

Well, other projects are preserved in my archives, different styles. Out of metal I could speak you about L’Antico Canto, inspired by medieval music and new age music, anyway I love all kind of good music, I love swing and world music too but you know, often dreams and expectations are more than our real time and we must be content to do the best we can.

How would you spend your life if there wasn’t the chance to play music?

Sport and my job of massagist.

Thank you for the interview, Bruno.

Thank you for the opportunity!