Interview mit Kostas Tzortzis

Vier Jahre sind eine lange Zeit, Jahre in denen nicht viel von den Griechen BATTLEROAR zu hören war. Da das neue Album erneut begeisterungswürdig ausgefallen ist (Review siehe hier) und bei uns Album des Monats wurde (siehe hier) hielten wir mit Mastermind Kostas Tzortzis einen kleinen Plausch. Die allgemein schlechten Zeiten der griechischen Wirtschaft bleiben dabei etwas mürrisch außen vor. Hier unsere Unterhaltung im englischen Originalwortlaut:

Hello Kostas, finally your fifth album arrived. A long time since ´Blood Of Legends´. What happened?

Hi Michael, indeed, four years is pretty much, but time flies… Anyway, we had some line up changes and a financial crisis to deal with… believe me, it can affect a band seriously!

Do you need a special mood to write new songs?

The truth is that you can not arrange an appointment with inspiration. You can not know when something good will `strike` you. So, maybe the mood of the time can affect you definitely but still this doesnt seem to be enough.

The „Codex“ was the old form of a book. But is ´Epic Codex´ a fantasy name or also an old book from the ancients?

The album title has more of a symbolic role. It refers to a mystical ancient book which holds the chronicles of epic through time. Over all, if you will pay attention to the cover artwork, you will understand that there is a fight for everyone who wants to achieve a place in this book…

Is your new album your most epic album of all? The real epic?

Hehe… hard for me to say. Our fans will decide that. Though, I believe that the new album is definitely epic!

Why is Mark Shelton again in the studio with BATTLEROAR?

I think that the right answer is that one of the main reasons that Battleroar has been brought to existence, is Mark Shelton and Manilla Road! Hehe!

Now, seriously, I needed Marks contribution to the song ´Sword Of The Flame´. I reached to a point that I could not finish the song and time was little. I was out of ideas and inspiration. So, I called him and he offered himself to do it. He made the lyrics, the vocal lines and the last solo in three days!!! Such a passionate musician! The rest is history…

The song with him could be a MANILLA ROAD-song, very typical Shelton-style.

The truth, though, is that I made the music and he made the lyrics over it. This must mean that I am definitely influenced by him, hehe!

Do you have a personal fave or a song with special personal emotions on the new record?

Not really. It is really hard to choose among them… they all maintain a small piece of my emotional world. But if I had to choose, then it would be `Enchanting Threnody`, because I made it for the land of my ancestors and all the history within.

What happened with the viola in the sound of BATTLEROAR?

Our ex-violinist decided to quit the band. So, I considered it as a sign to move on without it, in making music. After ten years, maybe, it was time for a slight change.

How did Gerrit work this time in the studio? His singing is full of pleasure…

Gerrit likes what he does. He comes in the studio, prepared and ready to give his best. You can hear it, I guess.

Can we see this year BATTLEROAR on the road?

Hopefully, yes. We will do our best to play as much as possible. But, it is definitely not easy, while we all have day jobs and time has become even more precious with the financial crisis we suffer, these days.

Who or what will you conquer this time?

Hopefully, a place in the heart of the listeners of our new album, all over the world…