Echoes From The Labyrinth – Festival

Heraklion Crete, Greece

Echoes From The Labyrinth is a Doom Metal Festival, which will take place on the 06th of October 2018 at Cine Studio in Heraklion Crete, Greece. To put it in simple words, Echoes From The Labyrinth is simply a feast for fans of Doom Metal music!

First band announced is the Italian Doomsters CRIMSON DAWN. CRIMSON DAWN has been around for quite a few years making a strong impact in the Doom Metal scene by releasing two amazing albums! Their theatrical live approach and strong performance is a win win situation for everyone who attends their show!

The second band for Echoes From The Labyrinth Crete Doom Metal Festival, is a great heavy/epic band from Scotland the fantastic newcomer MIDNIGHT FORCE!

MIDNIGHT FORCE have just released their amazing debut album called „Dunsinane“, an album which has already received thrilling reviews and will definitely be in the best releases for 2018!

The third band for Echoes From The Labyrinth Crete Doom Metal Festival is the mighty STONEGRIFF from Swedden!

 STONEGRIFF started back in 2009 and have released two incredible traditional Doom Metal records! This is Doom Metal in its purest form. The lava of molten riffs keeps on pouring and engulfing your condemned soul, while the tortured screams rise from the pits of hell to the heavens above. There seems to be no escape, but after a while, hypnotized, you don’t want to leave anymore… If you long for true, uncontaminated traditional doom, in the vein of BLACK SABBATH, KRUX, CANDLEMASS, LAS CRUCES, IRON MAN, PENTAGRAM or SPIRITUS MORTIS, look no further: STONEGRIFF are delivering the goods!

The fourth band for Echoes From The Labyrinth Crete Doom Festival is DOOMOCRACY from Greece!

DOOMOCRACY has released two acclaimed Doom Metal albums and has performed in various festivals around Europe. Their latest album „Visions & Creatures of Imagination“ was selected in many lists for the top albums of 2017 and was considered one of the best Doom Metal albums of 2017!

Don’t miss their performance!

Echoes From The Labyrinth Doom festival proudly presents the headliner of 2018, the mighty SORCERER from Sweden!

SORCERER is one of the most historic and iconic Doom Metal bands. They have produced two legendary demos at the end of the 80’s and two beautiful epic doom albums in the last 3 years! Their most recent album “The Crowning of the Fire King” was considered the best metal album of 2017 for many metal magazines worldwide!

SORCERER completes the lineup for Echoes From The Labyrinth 2018. And what a lineup that is! Don’t you agree!?

Spread the Doom people and come to our festival!